Living Here is a Dream Come True for Me

I love working at Salt Lake Community College. I work in the administrative office, and I am hoping that I actually get to retire from here one day. I was able to get the job after graduating form here myself, and my advisor put in a great word for me. I had been living at home with my folks while I went to school, and they let me stay there while I saved up some money to venture out on my own. Eventually, I started looking at apartments for rent in Taylorsville Utah because I felt it was time for me to move onto the next phase of my life.

It was also going to be easier for me if I lived in Taylorsville. My parents live in Orem, which is a nice drive but a lengthy one too when you do it day in and day out. Continue reading “Living Here is a Dream Come True for Me”

Moving to a New State Has Been Great

I as really hoping that the apts for Goodlettsville TN residents would be really nice after my hubby told me that we would be moving there, I knew nothing about Tennessee other than the fact that I knew that it is really pretty there. I was hoping that the city we would be moving to would also be really pretty. I really like places that have a lot of trees and forest area, and I knew nothing about this particular city, so I immediately began looking online to learn about it. I was pleased to see that it looks just like I thought it would.

I grew up in California where there are a lot of beaches and palm trees. Continue reading “Moving to a New State Has Been Great”

An Apartment I Feel Comfortable in

I am the first person to admit that I am a bit spoiled. I work hard though, so I figure that I am allowed to spoil myself a bit. When I looked at Alamo Heights apartments in San Antonio last year, I already knew that I was not going to settle for one that I did not like very much. I have seen some of the apartment buildings around town, and I did not want to feel like I was just a number living in a packed shoe box. I wanted to have space, and I wanted to have nice surroundings around me too.

I am not in a relationship, nor do I intend to be in one anytime soon. Continue reading “An Apartment I Feel Comfortable in”