Month: July 2019

How Family Farmers Raise Animals With Few Antibiotics

Antibiotics underpin modern medicine and save human and animal lives. But their use in all settings—including livestock farming—must be carefully managed to limit the likelihood that bacteria exposed to the

Temporin L and aurein 2.5 have identical conformations but subtly distinct membrane and antibacterial activities


Stand Up to Superbugs

Stand Up to Superbugs is a diverse group of people from across the U.S. who are working to combat antibiotic-resistant bacteria and prevent a return to the pre-antibiotic era when

Crucial role for central carbon metabolism in the bacterial L-form switch and killing by β-lactam antibiotics


Meet Our 2019 Stand Up To Superbugs Ambassadors

A team of people from around the country will travel to Washington from March 5 to 7 as part of the Stand Up to Superbugs movement to meet with members

Prevention of urinary catheter-associated infections by coating antimicrobial peptides from crowberry endophytes


Five-Year Analysis Shows Continued Deficiencies in Antibiotic Development

The Pew Charitable Trusts has tracked the pipeline of antibiotics in clinical development since 2014 and has aggregated updates into an interactive tool that illustrates trends in the pipeline—as drugs

Rachel Zetts

Rachel Zetts is an officer with Pew’s antibiotic resistance project, which supports efforts to spur the discovery of new antibiotics and ensure that these drugs are prescribed appropriately....