An Apartment I Feel Comfortable in

I am the first person to admit that I am a bit spoiled. I work hard though, so I figure that I am allowed to spoil myself a bit. When I looked at Alamo Heights apartments in San Antonio last year, I already knew that I was not going to settle for one that I did not like very much. I have seen some of the apartment buildings around town, and I did not want to feel like I was just a number living in a packed shoe box. I wanted to have space, and I wanted to have nice surroundings around me too.

I am not in a relationship, nor do I intend to be in one anytime soon. I just wanted a one bedroom apartment that is a nice section of town, and I found that at The Niche apartment complex. The first thing I looked at was the neighborhood, which was really nice. Everything was spread out, so it did not have that cramped feeling to it. It also has a private balcony that is off my bedroom, but there is also another one that I can take guests on. I knew that I probably would not have anyone there, but it is a nice touch nonetheless.

The kitchen is perfect for me. I am not huge on cooking as I would rather order take out then spend a lot of time cooking. I don’t mind making something small though, so I did not need anything big. The living room is huge too, at 20.5 feet by 23.5 feet. I know that part of that is the dining room as well, but I use it only as my living room since I eat on the balcony or on the couch most nights. This place feels like it was made just for me!

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