Do’s and Don’ts when Taking Ciprofloxacin


Ciprofloxacin can be your ally when you are being treated for bacterial infections. That is because it is one of the most proven prescribed antibiotics for the treatment of many cases of disease causing bacteria. But there are also a few reminders in its use. With this said, the following are a few considerations when taking this antibiotic. Keeping note of these reminders can make a difference between your immediate recovery and your prolonged sickness.

Don’t experiment on dosage.

The dosage of Cipro which you are prescribed with shall depend on a number of factors. In determining your recommended dose, the healthcare provider takes into account the following matters: your age and weight, the specific Cipro product you are asked to use for treatment, the type of bacterial infection you are suffering from, other prescribed drugs you may be taking as well as other health or medical conditions you may be affected with. In which case, it is important that you stick to the dosage as detailed in your doctor’s prescription and never resort to self medication or experimentation. Such will more likely bring more harm than good to your current condition.

Do not start, stop or continue with Ciprofloxacin treatment unless instructed.
Self medicating is never advised. If a particular medication is categorized as a prescription drug, that is always for a good reason, and it is for your own good as a patient.

The same can be said for taking Cipro. Unless you are recommended by a trusted healthcare professional who assessed your medical condition thoroughly, do not take a dose. Also, you should not stop or continue with taking it unless it is specifically instructed by the medical professional you consulted with. There are cases when you may forget about taking your dose. The simple rule is to take it as soon as you remember.

Overdosing is not advised and so is under-dosing. Do not stop taking Ciprofloxacin just because you feel much better. If you do, the bacteria that caused the infection may return or such may just cause bacterial resistance to the antibiotic. In which case, it can become more difficult to treat your infection. It is always safer to follow a professional’s advice.

Take the healthcare professional’s Ciprofloxacin recommendations seriously.
Prescriptions and recommendations are meant to be followed. They are not just given because your doctor wants to. These instructions are actually crucial for the optimum efficacy of the medication. The way you take, how much of it you take, what you take it with are all important contributors in determining whether the antibiotic works properly as it should. Prescriptions are provided in order to ensure that the treatment progresses.

So, make sure you read and follow the recommendation as handed to you. Whether you are taking Cipro in IV, tablet or drops form, refer to the set of instructions as provided; that is if you want to recover from your illness at a quicker pace. As long as you follow directions in taking Ciprofloxacin, you can make sure it works as it is meant to.

What Are the Uses and Relevant Applications of Ciprofloxacin


There are various kinds of bacterial infections that may affect humans. There are minor cases but there are also severe ones. In such instances, the infection can be life threatening. When the body’s defenses are not enough to fight off the disease causing bacteria, help is available in the form of antibiotics. Out of the prescribed medications for infections, one of the most recognized is Ciprofloxacin.

What are the common uses of this medication?

It is actually branded as a broad spectrum antibiotic. That is because it has proven its efficacy in treating various diseases and bacterial infections. Pneumonia, bladder and sinus infections are only some of the most popular cases that this antibiotic is used for. Individuals suffering from infections in specific parts of the body including the prostate and kidney, bones and joins are also usually treated with this antibiotic. Bronchitis, typhoid fever and gonorrhea can also be successfully treated with this medication.

Ciprofloxacin is also proven to work on a specific type of diarrhea cases such as those caused by bacteria. Skin infection is another application. One of the most notable uses of this medication has been proven when it was widely used to treat people who happened to have inhaled anthrax in the year 1991. Since this exposure, it became more known and widely recognized.

In what forms is Ciprofloxacin available?

It is available in various forms. The oral medication received the seal of approval from the Food and Drug Administration in 1987 while the intravenous form became official in 1991. Aside from the oral and injectable forms, it is also available in ear drops where it is known to treat acute otitis externa or bacterial infections occurring either in the outer or ear canal. Another is the ointment form which is prescribed for treating pink eye infection or conjunctivitis. Ciprofloxacin is also available in opthalmic drops which are formulated for the treatment of corneal ulcers and bacterial conjunctivitis.

When is it prescribed for off label use?

There are certain conditions that may warrant the use of this antibiotic outside of the cases as stated above. This is common in treating different types of infections that may be caused by other kinds of bacteria, specifically the susceptible ones. In which cases, you may receive a recommendation from your healthcare provider to use it for treatment.

Is there anything that this antibiotic cannot treat?

Ciprofloxacin has been found to be effective in treating and stopping different strains of bacteria. However, it does not mean that all kinds of bacteria are responsive to the medication. There may be some types that may fall outside of this antibiotic’s coverage. You also have to note that this medication is designed and formulated against bacteria and not for viruses. In which case, you should not be surprised when your doctor does not prescribe it if you have fallen ill due to a viral infection.

You can always ask your doctor about using Ciprofloxacin for your bacterial infection treatment. As a medical professional, he should be able to determine is this product can be a successful part of your treatment.

How to Choose the Right Ciprofloxacin Online Provider


Although there are obvious advantages in obtaining Ciprofloxacin medication online, it is also a subject of intrigue as safety and security issues are raised, especially by the Food and Drug Administration as well as the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy. This does not mean however, that all online pharmacies are created equal. If you are a smart consumer, you will less likely fall into the traps of the less reputable sources. With this said, the following are recommendations from FDA and NABP in your assessment of a reputable online pharmacy.

Check with NABP reports

There are published reports from NABP regarding the online pharmacies you have to watch out for. Make sure you are up to date with these reports. You can check them all out from NABP’s official website. Squeeze as much information as you can to be able to tell the difference between online pharmacies in good standing and those that aren’t.

Refer to customer reviews

The biggest harm that buying Ciprofloxacin from less than reputable online pharmacies can do to you is that you may end up with a fake medication. In order to gauge the source’s reputation, always review the customer feedbacks and make sure these are real ones and not just part of marketing ploy to entice customers. Do not just be content in looking up the provider’s website. Always make the extra effort to look for other references that may either establish or destroy that specific pharmacy’s credibility .

Avoid buying Ciprofloxacin from online pharmacies outside the US.
There is a greater risk in online pharmacies that do not operate within the United States. They are obviously more risky to transact with. However, this does not mean there are no reputable online providers outside the country. Unless you have established the provider’s credibility and are a hundred percent sure they are a legitimate business and a reputable one at that, avoid them. To get more information about reliable online pharmacies located in the US, refer to NABP reports available from the official website.

Review the terms and conditions carefully

To get a good measure of the online pharmacy’s reputation, make sure there is nothing suspicious about the terms and conditions of service as specified in their website. Make sure everything is clear. Otherwise, reread and review them again. Moreover, do not provide any of your personal information yet unless you have confirmed that it is both safe and secure to transact with the particular provider .

One thing should be made clear however. There is absolutely nothing wrong with obtaining your Ciprofloxacin medication from online sources as they prove to offer more advantages such as affordability and convenience. There is nothing wrong with it provided that you ensure your transactions are both safe and secure .

Keep these suggestions in mind and always be wise as a customer. Practice caution when choosing the online pharmacy to buy Ciprofloxacin to ensure you reap the maximum benefits of both the product and convenience of buying it from an online provider.