Living Here is a Dream Come True for Me

I love working at Salt Lake Community College. I work in the administrative office, and I am hoping that I actually get to retire from here one day. I was able to get the job after graduating form here myself, and my advisor put in a great word for me. I had been living at home with my folks while I went to school, and they let me stay there while I saved up some money to venture out on my own. Eventually, I started looking at apartments for rent in Taylorsville Utah because I felt it was time for me to move onto the next phase of my life.

It was also going to be easier for me if I lived in Taylorsville. My parents live in Orem, which is a nice drive but a lengthy one too when you do it day in and day out. Making the drive three days a week for classes is different than making it up to six times a week for work. Living in Taylorsville would mean that my commute would be just a few minutes, something that would be amazing for me.

I looked at different apartment complexes there, and I really liked the Autumn Glen apartments the best. Not only are they the closest to where I work, but they are also everything that I want in a home. I have seen some apartments that are way too fancy for me. I knew that I would feel right at home in this apartment, and that has proven to be so true. I love being home just a few minutes after I punch out at work, and I have met some really nice people here since moving in. Life really is perfect for me right now, and there is not a thing I would change about it.

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